Duration: 2 hours or 6 hours version

Difficult moments in life cannot be avoided either professionally or personally. Resilience is the key skill that helps us adapt to difficult situations or times of great change. On a rough sea, we cannot change the intensity or direction of the wind, but we can learn to navigate in the desired direction.

We will discuss together practical strategies to successfully cope with stress, based on scientific explanations and verified by us in many years of practice.

At the end of this training, you will have a set of cognitive tools and emotional skills that will help you adapt as well as possible, to the context in which we live.

Duration: 2 hours

The time has come to accept that working from home is becoming a new normal for more and more people. When the crisis caused by COVID-19 ends, we will have a new world before us. This pandemic changed the way we used to work and left us in a confusing situation, difficult to control.

Although at first, it seemed more convenient not to go to the office, as this lasts, it becomes obvious that it is increasingly difficult for many to work from home and maintain concentration, efficiency or keep a positive mindset.

To maintain the work-life balance, we must adapt mentally and emotionally to the new reality. This training contains Tips & Tricks that will help you create a framework in which to work efficiently while maintaining your privacy.

Duration: 2 hours

Emotionally Intelligent Leader is our training dedicated to managers and team leaders. As difficult as it may seem, try to put aside, for two hours, the cash flow, the canceled orders or financial challenges and with our help, cultivate something very valuable: the people in your organization.

We use applied psychology and neuroscience knowledge, proofed by us in many years of practice, to teach you how you can approach the opportunities and pitfalls of this period marked by great changes. All over the world, people are under enormous pressure. The way we relate to those around us and our deeply ingrained habits are now completely changing, thus exceedingly more people are struggling with anxiety, sadness or loneliness.

In this training, you will find out which are the soft skills that influence the performance of teams while we will talk about emotional resilience, calm, adaptability and empathy.

This is the right time to be close to the people you work with. What you manage to do for people in difficult times, defines you as a leader.

Duration: 2 hours

It is becoming increasingly clear that we need to find a way to feel close to each other, even if currently all the rules require social distancing. The situation created by this pandemic has changed relationships with colleagues, friends and family and continues to test the emotional balance of each of us. Studies show an alarming increase in depression and anxiety caused by the loss of interpersonal contact we were used to.

As a consequence of this distancing, some signals worry managers around the world of the growing decline in motivation and decreased efficiency in work teams.

In this training, you will discover techniques to maintain the quality of relationships between colleagues, so that you feel close to each other even when you are apart.

Duration: 3 hours

If you find yourself wondering why you chose to do the work you do or why you don’t enjoy anything that involves your work, you may be on a downward slope on the way to burnout. We have all experienced, at least once in our lives, waking up in the morning depressed at the thought of having to go to work.

It’s time to take control and rethink your approach to daily tasks, daring to change them to be in line with your values, strengths and passions.

We will learn together how you can do this properly and how you can turn the job you have into one that will bring you satisfaction and joy.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Turbulent times in life and negative emotions can overshadow the joy to live, affect our health and relationships with others. Inspired by the Eastern spiritual tradition, mindfulness teaches us to adapt effortlessly to change and to cope more easily with difficulties.

Together we will discover what mindfulness means and how it can be integrated into our daily lives to achieve mental, emotional and physical balance.

The workshop aims to facilitate both the understanding of your own emotions and how to detach from the thoughts that cause suffering, all through a few simple techniques that you can practice in just a few minutes a day. Mindfulness has proven health benefits by strengthening the immune system and can help you maintain your strength of concentration, calm and clarity of thought.

Duration: 2 hours or 4 hours version

Have you ever wondered how you come to make certain decisions and why exactly those? What are the unknown, invisible forces that seem to guide you in one direction or another? The answer is beyond the classic debate of the struggle between reason and emotion.

Every day, we are systematically convinced that we evaluate things correctly, that we are accurate and that we can present confident (but innocent) arguments to validate that. In fact, we systematically deviate from what is rational and make decisions based on errors of thought, becoming irrational (thus the famous “What was in my mind?”).

This course integrates elements of cognitive psychology that will show you how to decode how your mind works. You will understand how you can avoid cognitive errors, revealing the mechanism by which you can make better decisions, in accordance with your desires.

Duration: 2 hours

It seems natural to us to go to the doctor when something hurts; it seems natural to bandage a wound or take a pill when our head hurts very badly. Rarely do we do the same for our minds.

We are witnessing the following paradox: when our lives become busier and busier (tasks at work, things to do, etc.), the first thing we tend to sacrifice is the care we show towards our own mind and our own person. In fact, all we do is sabotage ourselves.

In this course, you will understand, with the help of ideas borrowed from the cognitive sciences, what mental and emotional hygiene means. You will find out what you have to do to maintain your well-being and health, even when you are going through difficult times, that test your emotional resilience.

Duration: 2 hours

Happiness seems to be the ultimate goal of life – Americans have the pursuit of past happiness as a right of all people in the Declaration of Independence. Each of us tries to do our best to avoid the problems of existence to be able to declare – “I am happy!”.

But what do people think of when they say that? Of pleasure? Of meaning? Of the absence of negative events? But when we look around, it seems that many of us tend to misunderstand happiness and look for it in the wrong direction. What can we consciously do to increase our chances of being happy?

This workshop is based on ideas from modern psychology, cognitive sciences and psychotherapeutic practice. The workshop has a pragmatic purpose: to understand how we can define our happiness and how we can become satisfied in the long run, enjoying a fulfilling life.


The clinic spaces are sanitized and we apply all recommended measures to prevent infection.

The psychotherapy and psychiatry sessions take place at the clinic (Ana Davila Street, no. 13 Bucharest) or online (Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom).

We respect your physical safety and we are here for your emotional one. #BeSafe and we will overcome difficult times together.


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